'I don't think it can recover': what's behind Nascar's nosedive?

Almost 157,000 people flocked to Bristol Motor Speedway last weekend – but it was to watch college football, not cars. Can Nascar rediscover its glory days?

For the first time this year, the big bowl of silver grandstands at the race track that hugs the Tennessee-Virginia state line was packed. Last weekend, nearly 157,000 people flocked to Bristol Motor Speedway, just like the old days – a spectacle, for sure. The big difference was that they were not there to watch a stock-car race, but a college football game.

Tennessee raced past Virginia Tech on a field that had been built in the infield of the oval race track. Bristol is so enormous that some fans said that the players were hard to spot, but the complaints were few. They’d been part of a night in which the two teams set an NCAA attendance record for a college football game, and they sounded like they had fun.

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