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Colin Kaepernick’s critics are ignoring the target of his protest | Bryan Armen Graham

By discussing whether the quarterback’s national anthem protest is unpatriotic America is failing to confront police brutality, profiling and racial inequalityA few nights ago the University of Florida law professor Katheryn Russell‑Brown watched four commentators on ESPN debate Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the United States national anthem. For several minutes the men argued about whether the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was right in using the anthem to shed a light on racial inequities in their country. They spoke of soldiers away at war, veterans who died and the meaning of the US constitution. The debate raged until Russell-Brown finally realised the one thing they had not discussed were the issues about which Kaepernick is protesting. Related: Take heart,...

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NFL week two predictions: Will Sam Bradford step up to take out the Packers?

The Vikings and Green Bay renew their rivalry, while the Bengals will aim to go 2-0 at the Steelers. Plus, take part in our tipping contestNeither Super Bowls, nor frivolous NFL prediction games are won in September. Veteran participants in our Pick Six contest will know that one strong week can easily melt away into a midseason mess of analysis paralysis and unjustifiable faith in Chip Kelly. But there is a certain special kind of glory that comes with calling all six games correctly on the opening weekend. And it is only made better by knowing that nobody else achieved the same. So step forward, stephentheaardvark, take a bow and give the little people a wave. And then get back...

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