Tottenham cannot blame Wembley, they were simply out-classed by Monaco

It was an apt defeat, for the culture shock was not about moving up the road, it was about Spurs finding themselves in elite European football

Don’t blame Wembley. Don’t blame the spiffy dressing rooms or the slightly different tone and timbre of the noise around those deeply tiered stands on a close, sweaty night in London.

In many ways Tottenham’s 2-1 opening Group E defeat to an excellent Monaco team was perfectly apt, entirely at home in its surroundings, a fine metaphor for the Premier League’s wider engagement with elite level European football. Wonderful staging. Endless hunger for the spectacle, with that record crowd announced over the PA even as Spurs attacked at the end. All combined with a sense of something a little unsettled, of trapped energy and talent as-yet unexpressed.

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