Ashes Cricket review: England might be struggling Down Under, but Big Ant have finally found a legitimate crown to Brian Lara Cricket

IT’S hard to think of any sporting game ever made better than Brian Lara Cricket.

A masterpiece of its time, even if you despise the sport, it seemed like everyone played it at some point.

Ashes Cricket is the latest release by Big Ant, and a huge advance on any cricket title made in recent years
Ashes Cricket / Big Ant

We’ve been waiting ten-years for a title to even come close to that for the gentleman’s game.

But in Ashes Cricket – Big Ant’s latest release – we’ve finally found a genuine contender for the mighty Lara crown.

It has that rare feel in a sport simulator of both being fun and worthwhile, mixed with realism and authenticity.

It’s not perfect, nor does anyone think it ever would be, after all, cricket is a tricky game to master even on the pitch.

Batting is easy to get the trick of in the game, but difficult to master and will take practice
Ashes Cricket / Big Ant
You can choose between two ways to bowl, a new version of the old classic if you are used to that
Ashes Cricket / Big Ant

It is, however, a fine attempt at helping the casual audience fall in love with the simple game of bat and ball.

Since releasing Don Bradman last year, Big Ant has worked tirelessly to improve and enhance what they already had.

Bowling now has two varieties, helping give choice to your playstyle, including the old classic option.

Batting, while simple to control, is hard to master and requires your full concentration while at the crease.

Graphics have been improved once again, and is something Big Ant are looking to upgrade going forward
Ashes Cricket / Big Ant

The graphics have improved again, and I know for sure this is something the developers hope to keep topping up in future instalments.

Choice is a huge part of Ashes Cricket, whether you want to play a whole series with pals or a quick T20, there’s plenty of options.

You can customise pretty much everything, from the sponsor on your bat, to creating entire stadiums and competitions.

The developers even spent time with both the real England and Australia team analysts to learn what certain players are good and bad at.

No stone was left unturned in this quest for a genuine top quality cricket game.

Big Ant have hit it for six.

PS4, Xbox One; £44.99; PEGII 3



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