Manchester United star Zlatan Ibrahimovic buys into gaming company who created First Person Lover where players destroy rivals’ clothers

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC has an eye on life after football after the Manchester United star invested in Swedish gaming company Isbit Games.

The 34-year-old made the surprise investment on behalf of a company he owns and now 12.5 per cent of the up-and-coming gaming institution is under the striker’s control.

Zlatan could be due a £24.5m payment from Paris Saint-Germain
Zlatan Ibrahimovic now owns 12.5 per cent of Swedish gaming company ISBIT GAMES

The company the United talisman has invested in are the brains behind games Batterijakten and First Person Lover, which have been a hit in Sweden and across Europe.

First Person Lover is very unique game where instead of guns firing bullets, they fire kisses and bubbles at enemies, destroying their hate and in the process you shoot off their boring clothes.

In the game you are handed a “Love Glove” which is effectively a bubble gun, a dazzling shotgun and a Kiss Gun.

First Person Lover is a game that replaces lethal weapons with "Love Guns"
First Person Lover is one of Isbit Games’ most popular releases
First Person Lover is one of Isbit Games' most popular releases
The popular game replaces lethal weapons with Love Guns and Kiss Guns

The world’s most subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie, who is also Swedish, said the game was “the most fabulous game in the Universe”.

Ibrahimovic seems to have got his nose into a company who have a string of successful games on their books, with their most recent release, Warp Shift, being featured in the Apple Store across 137 countries.


According to the Local, the former Paris Saint-Germain striker’s investment happened after the striker met with Markus Koos who owns 21.9 per cent, whilst the majority stakeholder are Intellecta with 65.6 per cent stake in the company.

And after meeting up with Koos, their friendship led to Ibrahimovic’s surprise investment.

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