WWE boss Vince McMahon expected back at work just 48 hours after surgery

VINCE MCMAHON is expected to back in his office tomorrow after undergoing surgery for an undisclosed injury on Monday.

The WWE are understandably keen to discourage rumours about its 71-year-old chairman and CEO’s health and allay any potential fears the company’s investors might have.

Vince McMahon...71-year-old underwent surgery on Monday
Vince McMahon…71-year-old underwent surgery on Monday
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Shane McMahon and his sister Stephanie
Shane McMahon and his sister Stephanie
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Considering his age, the fact McMahon needed to go under the knife to repair any damage he suffered is noteworthy.

But his relatively quick recovery would suggest the problem isn’t anything major.

Of course, there is the chance that McMahon’s injury is a part of some bigger storyline on Raw or SmackDown Live.

In June 2007 he infamously “died” when his limousine exploded and a year later WWE’s Million Dollar Mania ended with a part of the stage falling on McMahon.

He was stretchered off to close out Raw…

Vince McMahon Injured On Raw

And maybe the latest happening is all part of Stephanie and Shane McMahon's continued battle for supremacy between Raw and SmackDown Live.

However, that's doubtful. Mr McMahon's last appearance on WWE came on July 11, when Shane and Stephanie announced the general managers for their respective shows.

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