Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I almost came to Manchester United a year ago, but they didn’t have the Special One

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC wants to erase the pain of derby defeat with the last laugh in the title race.

Manchester United were beaten by City last weekend and then went down to Feyenoord in the Europa League.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic hopes to have the last laugh in the Premier League title race
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jose Mourinho... Oh it's going to be a fun Europa League
Zlatan Ibrahimovic revealed he almost joined United last year… But they did not have the Special One
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But the Swede insists it will all be forgotten at the end of the season if he extends his amazing record of finishing a league winner 13 times in 15 seasons.

And his expectation of winning in his rookie Premier League season has not been crushed despite United’s dismal week.

Ibrahimovic, 34, said: “At the end you see the guy who lifts the trophy, you don’t remember one game.

“If I could win here it would be fantastic, but what would people talk about then?

“There would not be anything to talk about. It depends what I want. If I still wanted people to talk.”

United boss Jose Mourinho laid into his players after their two defeats. He said they did not give him enough against City and accused them of lacking passion in Rotterdam on Thursday.

But they could take the example of Ibrahimovic, who insists HALF of football is mental.

United have now lost two games on the trot under The Special One
Ibrahimovic says it is impossible to turn down the Special One Jose Mourinho

The striker said: “I believe in hard work. If you don’t work hard, you don’t get anything back.

“And I believe 50 per cent  of the sport is in your head, it is a mental thing. Prepare mentally and you make it easier, if you are not prepared it will be very difficult.

“If you don’t have the mental part, you are not ready for this world.”

Ibrahimovic expects his team-mates to bounce back against Watford at Vicarage Road  today.

And the Ponytailed Prince has thrown his backing behind Mourinho by insisting he was the reason he came to Old Trafford instead of a year ago when Louis van Gaal was in charge.

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Zlat said: “There were talks about me coming to United one year ago, that is correct.  But it was not the right moment.

“But then they get the Special One and when the Special One calls, and when he starts to talk to you, you are already convinced.

“He didn’t need to talk a lot to convince. I know him from before, what he wants, what his demands are, what he goes for. He is a winner. I see myself as a winner also.

“We won when we were young and we will win when we are a little bit older. Not old. Just a little bit older.”

Eric Cantona helped Manchester United win the league four times during the 1990s
Eric Cantona helped Manchester United win the league four times during the 1990s
Ibrahimovic has been compared to Eric Cantona since his arrival this summer
Ibrahimovic has been compared to Eric Cantona since his arrival this summer

Ibrahimovic’s presence and character has been compared to Eric Cantona by senior officials within United.

But Ibra said: “I am just myself. I don’t pretend to be somebody else. I don’t need to be somebody else. I know what I can do.”


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