How Lazio’s ultras must wish they had the cash reserves of Man City | Marina Hyde

City’s acclaimed behind-the-scenes documentary shows the soft power that has been bought by their Abu Dhabi owners

It was the best of times, it was arguably not really the worst of times. Either way we once again have football public relations to thank for a tale of two cities. In Manchester we have Manchester City, whose enjoyable and interesting fly-on-the-wall Amazon documentary has received almost nothing but plaudits.

Despite the series having been quite clearly subject to a form of copy approval by the club, City have been praised for their “risk-taking”. The results have been described as “not sanitised” in the Daily Mail, which was presumably still high on the Dettol fumes. I note one particular guy in Manchester did not much care for it but in general it went over as you might expect of a high-access documentary about a normally low-access obsession.

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