ScoreStream Releases SportFX Video and Graphics Editing Tools

Digital score reporting platform ScoreStream has rolled out tools for editing photos and videos with graphics. These enable fans and correspondents to share dynamic updates about what’s happening in high school athletics and other area sporting events.

ScoreStream has grown rapidly over the last year. It teamed with the Associated Press last August, receiving funding from Intel Capital in November, began powering a Facebook Messenger score reporting system in February, and was included as a launch partner in Snapchat’s new developer kit in June. The new SportFX suite of tools enables further use of the platform to enhance game clips and create promo graphics.

“One key thing that we felt was missing in this coverage was the ability for users to create stories around their photos and videos,” wrote ScoreStream CEO Derrick Oien in an email. “We embarked on a year long development effort to create a tool that allows fans and schools to cover their teams with state of the art graphics and editing tools. We think SportFX is a stellar example of how stories can be told through sports media.”

SportFX Studio is now available as a standalone app for Mac and Windows computers as well as part of the ScoreStream app on iOS mobile devices. An Android version is planned for release in the coming weeks.

SportTechie Takeaway

Information is great, but presentation can make the difference. ScoreStream’s SportFX tools enable better formatting of graphics for the requirements of each social network to maximize appeal and reach. The whole premise of ScoreStream was to fill the gap where professional reporters weren’t covering events. Now, professional designers and editors may not be needed, either.