Quiz! Can you name the 50 current Premier League players with the highest foul count?

First a caveat: most of the players to total a sky-high foul count in the Premier League doneed to have played a significant number of games. If you come in like a bull in a Mike Dean shop, kicking everything you see, you won’t even get a chance to reach 50 fouls, let alone the 160+ this crew have totalled.Also, thereare different types of fouls. You may be picturing a grizzled centre-back ormidfield destroyer. Yet a striker who tussles with defenders or a diminutive winger who presses too eagerly can also get used to the sound of a referee’s whistle.Whether they’re prone to a shirt tug or a two-footer, however, these active Premier League players have racked up more offences than their colleagues.There’s 10 minutes on the clock to name as many as you can, based on their current foul count and every Premier League side they’ve turned out for. Let us know how your get on @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best, if you don’t give answers away – and please challenge some friends while you’re at it.(Note: Adblockers can stop you seeing our quizzes – please turn them off. Thanks) More time-killing quizzes on FourFourTwo.com