Baseball/Softball Analysis
Baseball/Softball Analysis

Baseball/Softball Analysis

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From years of working with top coaches and analysing swings and riding positions of all abilities, key positions have been identified for successful polo performance. A comprehensive IPA Technique Analysis includes access to an online video platform providing a frame-by-frame breakdown of each swing type captured (offside forehand, nearside forehand, offside backhand and nearside backhand) and key riding positions (stopping, turning, switching leads). Areas of strength and areas of improvement are identified and highlighted for further practice. Each swing is compared side-by-side to a professional player to clearly display swing differences and areas to work on.

Features included:

  • Access to video platform (myDartfish Express App)
  • Phase by phase breakdown of each swing type and riding position
  • Key areas of improvement identified
  • Side-by-side comparison to a professional player model
  • PDF containing still images of each phase