Bike Fit technology package - Monthly
Bike Fit technology package - Monthly
Bike Fit technology package - Monthly
Bike Fit technology package - Monthly
Bike Fit technology package - Monthly

Bike Fit technology package - Monthly

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Establishing and managing a professional bikefit practice is a complex undertaking. There are different approaches for delivering a variety of solutions, all with the aim of providing the best riding experience for your clients.

Complexity has created a variety of technological approaches. For those managing busy bikefit practices devoting precious time to managing the technology has become a challenge in itself.

The MySport.Bikefit tool kit can take the strain away from managing technology by bringing all the elements together under one umbrella. Through our extensive experience in the use of technology in sport and video analysis, as well as working with bikefitters, we have developed the MySport.Bikefit tool to enhance your practice and support you in providing the best possible experience for your clients.

Compatible with all existing technologies and approaches, consolidate your bikefit practice and manage your client information in one place.

The MySport.Bikefit tool set

The MySport.Bikefit video channel:

  • How to videos showing video analysis application in your bikefit practice
  • Access to MySport special bikefit content
  • Seminar footage from the last International Cyclefit Symposium 2014, plus seminars from the 2016 symposium.
  • Special events videos
  • Riding analysis
  • Access to example fits and details on bikefit approaches
  • Publish your videos to the bikefit community; share issues and solutions for continuing professional development for your practice.

The DartfishExpress video analysis mobile application:

  • The MyDartfishExpress video analysis application is complementary with all current fitting technology and processes.
  • Subscribers can install the application on three devices (smartphones and tablets) for use in your practice.
  • Capture bikefits on video and use application tools to measure the key bikefit dimensions, angles, distances and riding technique. 
  • Use your bikefit expertise to enhance video and provide the most professional bikefit experience for your clients. 

The Cloud video storage facility:

  • Manage your client bikefit data in one single place
  • Track your practice over time with a full history of your bikefit approaches and techniques
  • Share analysis videos with your clients, advising them on the best adjustments and enhancements for their riding goals.