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The Blaze program is a unique 8-week plan that gives our clients a detailed schedule guaranteed to have a greater effect on their fitness and condition than anything previously experienced.

Using a two pronged approach of new eating patterns and scientifically formulated physical training, the blaze program is quite simply a revolutionary approach to weight loss and fitness and is aimed at clients who have a need for rapid gains in fitness and rapid loss of body fat.

Our system is safe, effective, proven and is not only an exceptional means of gaining new levels of fitness in just 8 weeks, but is sure to deliver a life-long knowledge of the keys to a lean and active life.

Your program


- Continuous 8 week conditioning programme based on Health questionnaire   evaluation and personal goals

- After 2 weeks re-evaluation of programme to add specificity.

- Example Training day diet plan

- Example Non – training day diet plan

- 20 minute phone call about your plan

- 4 Follow up emails at the end of each 2 weeks of the programme


Detailed 8 week plan with suggested workouts, nutrition strategies and also reinforcement of the current elements of your schedule. You should expect to find the program to be harmonious with your lifestyle schedule, and to rapidly develop a more balanced polo-oriented fitness level. Improved key performance elements will mean that you’ll be able to play harder and more focused game with less chance of injury. 

Consultation with your Coach


1 consultation call

8 x emails per 8 week plan

Detailed personalised program