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The Travel program is aimed at the polo player that has one month to be prepared for the polo competition or event. The goal is to get ready and achieve the desired and needed fitness for the up coming event. The travel program will help you do this. Using part of our exercise periodization knowledge we will endeavour for you to peak your performance for the end of the program. 

Your Program

- 4 week conditioning programme based Feedback and goals you want to hit for when you travel to you destination

- 2 Training day diet plans

- 2 Non – training day diet plan

- 2 x 20 minute phone call about your plan

- 1 follow up emails at the end of each week of programme

Following analysis of your current nutritional and fitness regime, your IPA coach will write a detailed report with suggested changes and also reinforcement of the current elements of your schedule. On adapting your program to follow IPA advice, you should expect to see positive changes in body-fat levels, cardio fitness, core strength, posture and flexibility. Your program will be designed to peak for the event you are travelling to. You’ll find that playing polo becomes a greater pleasure and your focus can shift to pure technical and tactical aspects as fitness no longer impacts your game. The program will take into account your calendar.

Contact with Your Coach

2 x 20 minute phone call about your plan

1 follow up email at the end of each week of programme