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The Elite service is for those who wish to have the ultimate input from their IPA fitness coach. Our Elite level clients receive long term planning of fitness goals and expectations, daily contact and discussion of workouts, detailed planning, analysis of training response and volume. The plans are aimed at delivering players of exceptional physical capacity, who play harder, with greater focus and fewer injuries. A big part of this plan is adding the nutritional assessment.

With the feedback that you provide for us we can assess your current diet and make a recommendations and plans with you actual diet on record.



What to eat

When to eat it

Recipe ideas



Maximising use of exercise time

Becoming more flexible

Improving muscle tone and strength

New levels of cardiovascular fitness

Your Program

- Continuous weekly programme

- Recipe of the week

- Evaluation after 4 weeks of programme

- Evaluated modifications of programme

- Unlimited emails per week

- 3 x 20 minute Phone call per Fortnight

- 1 Skype within reason per Fortnight

- Periodization added to training based on the feedback from you and your polo schedule

- Weekly program delivery,

- Detailed daily workout plan,

- Nutritional assessment of current diet

- Nutritional Diet plan

- Feedback system and close monitoring. Unlimited amendments.

Contact with your Coach

3 phone calls a week

Unlimited email,

1 Skype per fortnight within reason.

Monthly face to face when necessary (may incur additional fees)