International Rules Course
International Rules Course
International Rules Course

International Rules Course

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Federations, coaches and players can all agree; Polo is one of the most difficult sports to master. It is fast, complex and challenging. The new International Rules Library aims to help all those involved in polo; playing, teaching and governing.

More education is happening away from the teaching environment, and sport is no different. The MySport International Rules Library provides an application for use on smartphones and tablets which can be incorporated into coaching practice.

Coaches can see the challenges newcomers into the sport have. A commitment to excellence means coaches are continually searching for new ways to engage with their pupils in the teaching process. The International Rules Library fits seamlessly with this process.

The new International Rules of Polo were published in December 2015. Since then MySport's Analysis via the International Polo Academy has worked with the top international umpires at the US Polo Association to identify footage to illustrate the rules in action. The application has video clips organised by each rule, with examples of fouls and non-fouls in each category. These illustrations make understanding rule application directly related to game play.

The features of the new application include:

  • Footage from the US High Goal Season 2016 showing fouls and non-fouls of each rule
  • Phase descriptions showing initiation and progression of each element of game action
  • Feedback pages to collect user views on rule application.
  • How to videos

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