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Aimed at those keen to step up their physical preparation, the Pro program allows you to develop a more demanding training regime that can be adjusted and supervised more closely.

Our pro plan brings a more involved relationship with your IPA coach, making the plan more detailed, more customised and more effective. The higher level of contact with your coach and enhanced ability to have the plan amended is sure to allow you to develop an exceptional degree of preparedness for polo.  All aspects of polo specific fitness are covered in detail with the result that you’ll see marked improvement in your game. With a leaner and stronger frame, greater power to weight, enhanced endurance, and better tolerance to exercise in heat, improved flexibility and movement, the Elite plan covers all the bases and builds a close working relationship between you and your IPA coach.

Your Program

- Continuous 2 week programme

- Diet plan example for training days and non-training days for 1 whole week

- Recipe of the week

- Evaluation after 4 weeks of programme

- evaluated modifications of programme

- 5 emails per week

- 3 x 20 minute Phone call per month

- 1 Skype within reason per month

- Periodization added to training based on the feedback from you and your schedule


Training is delivered in detailed 2 week blocks with 3 permitted amendments per month, a feedback system, periodization added to training to bring you to peak condition for crucial games. Your response to the training is monitored to ensure optimal benefit from the time spent on your preparation for events.

Contact with your coach

5 emails per week

3 phone calls per month

1 Skype per month