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For players keen to start a basic program, the Sport schedule introduces 1:1 coaching and delivers a sound program covering conditioning for polo and nutritional guidelines.

Your Program

- Continuous 4 week programme

- Diet plan for training days

- Diet plan for non-training days

- Diet plan for Competition days

- Recipe of the week

- Evaluation after 4 weeks of programme

- Evaluated modification of programme

- 2 emails per week

- 20 minute Phone call per month

Monthly program in detail, each day’s workout in clearly explained with one permitted amendment per month. Your sessions are laid out clearly, covering cardio, strength, flexibility, core, power and nutrition. Training is sport-oriented and functional, involving specific complex activities aimed at bringing you to a new level of playing.

Contact with your Coach

- Evaluation
- 2 emails per week

- 20 minute Phone call per month

- detailed personalised program